Ba Den Mountain National Tourist Area is located in Ninh Son, Ninh Thanh and Thanh Tan wards of Tay Ninh City, part of Suoi Da and Phan communes of Duong Minh Chau district, 11km Northwest Tay Ninh city. There is a 986m high Ba Den Mountain, the highest mountain in the South, considered a sacred mountain, symbolizing the land and people of Tay Ninh.




The complex of Ba Den Mountain relics was once a giant, cold and hard mass of magmatic acid, but undergone tectonic movement, Ba Den Mountain cracked and formed giant rocks stacking together creating cave system with full of mysteries. Mysterious caves here become the revolutionary bases of our army and people in the wars against the French and the Americans. And along with Dien Ba pagoda system, there are Ha pagoda, Trung pagoda, Thuong pagoda, Hang pagoda, Hoa Dong pagoda and some caves repaired by monks, nuns and Buddhists as worship places such as: Thanh Long Cave, Ong Ho Cave, Ba Co Cave…

To the west of Ba Den Mountain is Heo mountain (also called Dat mountain), which is 335m high and to the south is Phung mountain with the height of 672m. From afar Ba Den Mountain area  is in an unique shape, looking like a giant hat lying in the middle of fertile plain. Ba Den Mountain is covered with white cloud almost year-round, the cloud like gentle chiffon, creating the magical beauty of the scenic area, so Ba Den Mountain is also known as Van Son mountain. The mountain ecosystem is quite diversified, with many kinds of trees, rare and precious woods and animals such as deer, cheo, lizards, bats, mountain snails and birds… that attracts visitors inside and outside the area to visit and research.




Ba Den Mountain with sacred vestiges hides many old stories about Ba Den – Linh Son Thanh Mau (Linh Son Holy Mother) worshiped here. Among them, the most famous one is the legend of the beautiful, persistent Ly Thi Thien Huong.  Ba Mountain is said to be the place where Nguyen Anh was omened by Ba Den to find a way to escape the encirclement of Tay Son army in the past.


On the mountain, incense smoke is endless all year round. The reverence for Linh Son Thanh Mau is shown in the abstinence of calling Ba Den which is called Ba Tham. Each year, in spring, the weather is cool, visitors from everywhere come to Ba Mount to celebrate. The festival usually lasts throughout the lunar January. However, the most important holiday of the year is Via Ba feast held on the 4th, the 5th and 6th of the lunar May.


Mean of transportation and travel time


Today, with Ba Den cable car system, the journey to explore the roof of the Southeast is faster and more convenient for those who are not strong enough to climb the mountain.

– Van Son cable route

Ba Den Cable Car takes visitors from the foot of the mountain (Ba Den station) to the top (Van Son station). The modern cable car system, belonging to Sun World BaDen Mountain with 113 cabins, will shorten the journey conquering the roof of the South to only 8 minutes with a total length of 1,847m.

– Hang Pagoda cable route

The cable car route consists of 78 cabins with a total length of 1,211m that will take visitors to visit the Cultural and Spiritual Complex of Ba Pagoda in Ba Den Mountain. With only 5 minutes, you can be present at Chua Hang station and began to discover the mysteries of the sacred pagodas here.

Instead of going through the tiring mountain climbing journey, pilgrims will have more time to explore the beautiful nature where the mountain is covered with clouds all year round. To visit the resort and enjoy the pristine scenery here, visitors will only need to buy an entry ticket for VND 16,000/ticket for adults and children over 1.4m high and VND 8,000/ticket for children under 1.4m, the elderly and the disabled are free. For the two cable cars, the fare will be VND 200,000/ round trip for adults and children over 1.4m, and VND 100,000/ round trip for children under 1.4m. In particular, children under 1m will be free for entrance tickets and cable car tickets.

Do not miss the roof of the Southern region, where there is wild and majestic nature, where the white clouds play around the top of the mountain, the air is filled with a mysterious, sacred color. Come to Ba Den Mountain once to admire the Intangible Cultural Heritage – Via Ba Feast of Linh Son Thanh Mau – Ba Den Mountain.